On 2016-07-10 13:09, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
> I tried the 2007 version on Windows 10. It’s the usual Windows crap: 
> It installs fine. And then it tells you it can’t run.
> As I found out, some version of VirtualPC is supposed to run under 
> Windows 7 Home. Higher versions (or Pro) are not supported.

Thanks for testing.
In the meantime I found that it will not work on Windows 10 x64, only on 
Windows 10 x86 there is a chance to get VPC 2007SP1 running.

Please be careful with these links (I use an adblocker and NoScript), 
don't know if they are full of (bad) ads:


1st quote:
This is how you get Virtual PC 2007 SP1 working fully on Windows 8 64 bit.
Software you need to download before following these steps.
Virtual PC 2007 SP1 64 bit. 
Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone.* 

*Note: The reason you need Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone 
is because it has an updated emulation driver, which Virtual PC will use 
if installed.
1) After you have downloaded both files install Visual Studio Express 
2012 for Windows Phone first.
2) Once you have installed Visual Studio for Windows Phone, rename 
Virtual PC?s installer filename from ?setup.exe? to ?VPCSetup.exe?.
3) Now launch ?VPCSetup.exe?.
4) After you have installed it. Type ?C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft 
Virtual PC? in the address bar of the File Explorer and press Enter.
5) Now rename ?Virtual PC.exe? to ?Virtual PC 2007.exe?.
6) Now launch ?Virtual PC 2007.exe? and it should run as normal.

2nd quote:
It's been proven VPC2007 breaks on most Windows 10 builds, and requires 
some modifications to work on 8.1. Works fine on 7 and earlier, though 
you may get a compatibility warning that can be bypassed with ease. 
VPC2004 will only work on 32-bit editions as there is no 
64-bit-compatible release of VPC2004.

3rd quote:
It only works on x86 Win10, regardless of your CPU's capabilities

This is bad news for Windows 10 (and good news for Windows 8.1).

I'd use VirtualBox anyhow, however VHD is a great choice IMHO.

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