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> Install FD 1.2 beta.  `sys c:` at the end of your install.

I don’t think you need to do the ‘sys c:’ at the end of the install anymore.
It shouldn’t hurt anything if you do run it.

Now, on the other hand. If the installed system does not boot after 
installation, there is simple batch file included that will run FDI with
a special option. This will tell FDI that you have already installed
FreeDOS and it wouldn’t boot. FDI will then offer some advanced
mode options to FORCE new boot sector code. This will wipe out
any multi-boot boot loader (like GRUB) and install the FreeDOS
boot sector.

You can try this utility by booting one of the FDI install media images.
Then run MBRZAP.BAT from the command line.

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