Hi Louis,

> I just downloaded the bootable FD 1.2pre22 CD and booted a VM in
> VirtualBox.  I see `FDAPM APMDOS` in autoexec.bat.  No IDLEHALT in
> FDCONFIG.SYS.  CPU also spikes to 100% when I run `edit autoexec.bat`.

I remember that this is a problem with certain EDIT versions. Of
course IDLEHALT is nice, but FDAPM APMDOS should be okay as well.

Here is what for example EDIT 0.7c did in DFLAT's dispatch_message:

> /* ---- dispatch messages to the message proc function ---- */
> BOOL dispatch_message(void)
> {
>     WINDOW Mwnd, Kwnd;
>     /* -------- collect mouse and keyboard events ------- */
>     collect_events();
>     /* only message.c can fill the event queue, but all components */
>     /* can fill the message queue. Events come from user or clock. */
>     if ( (EventQueueCtr == 0) && (MsgQueueCtr == 0) &&
>         (handshaking == 0) ) {  /* BORED - new 0.7c */
>         union REGS r;
>         r.h.ah = 0x84;          /* "network" idle call */
>         int86(0x2a, &r, &r);    /* network interfaces */
>     }

[actual message processing follows]

Please check the sources or ask Aitor Santamaria and Joe Cosentino.
Maybe your version is missing some patches... Checking my copies,
I had patches for "enhanced keyboard", trailing "\" in CreatePath,
ability to type ESC, timer countdowns without IRQ hooks, calendar
and ASCII table tweaks, maybe other things.

Cheers, Eric

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