Hi Dimitris,

> So I did, with sys 3.6e - FreeDOS 1.2 pre floppy:
> sys c: /FORCE:CHS - system hangs on reboot
> sys c: /FORCE:LBA , followed by sys CONFIG c:\kernel.sys FORCELBA=1
> - system tries to BOOT, hangs at Loading FreeDOS , the hard drive
> works like mad until I hit control-alt-delete

(and the same with SYS 2.6 and kernel 2042 with DISabled LBA)

What if you use /FORCE:LBA but without any SYS CONFIG?

And of course: What if you use SYS 3.6e but with some
older version of the kernel?

If the system hangs on reboot with the CHS boot sector,
it is possible that your FAT32 boot partition either is
outside the CHS-reachable area or that the MBR, BIOS and
DOS disagree about what the CHS geometry should be. But:

On the other hand, you wrote that kernel 2031 boots for
you with SYS 2.6, while SYS 2.6 always uses CHS on FAT32!

Note that SYS 3.6e also lets you use force options for
the BIOS disk number. In case something gets confused
by your relatively large collection of connected disks.

Cheers, Eric

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