On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 5:46 PM, Dimitris Zilaskos <dimitr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for the advice. I tried FDIMPLES, seem to show everything
> installed, but for some reason p7zip is missing from its list.

I don't really recommend p7zip for heavy use. For one thing, there is
no active (DOS) maintainer, and it's somewhat buggy because of that
(and the fact that it's really a very sloppy POSIX port that barely
works with DJGPP). I don't grok C++, so I wasn't much further help
regarding it. It does work, but it's far from perfect.

If you just want to unpack .7z files, use 7zdec. But normally, as Jim
Hall always tells us, ZIP is preferred overall, so just use (old but
good) Info-Zip (zip / unzip).

(Or you could run old standalone Win32 7za [sic] under HX. That worked
pretty well. Besides, the DJGPP build of p7zip doesn't have 7z [sic]
anyways ... although even that build [Win32] I did briefly get running
under HX).

There's also upstream DJGPP builds of XZ, if you just can't live
without LZMA. And a billion other archivers (UHarc??). I honestly
haven't kept up in recent years (not sure why I ever bothered, I'm not
savvy enough to understand the details anyways).

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