> I keep getting the error dma crosses 64k boundary when using tools like
> rawrite3 or hard drive manufacturers tools floppy creation software. I need
> to boot from Windows 98 bootdisk to get rid of it.

Maybe your BIOS or MBR-based dynamic drive overlay / EZ-drive is
less flexible with DMA boundaries than the BIOS itself was? Some
tools like LOWDMA might help to avoid boundary issues as positive
side effect of enforcing DMA outside UMB... Still, all educated
guesses, I do not know enough about why and when you started to
see those DMA boundary errors... I would expect RAWRITE3 itself
to actively avoid offending buffer locations. If that is the case
then DOS would be to blame by internally using badly located I/O
buffers. If it is not the case, then RAWRITE3 would be to blame:
Changes in symptoms could then be caused by changes in general
DOS RAM layout, for example different drivers being loaded...


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