On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 5:43 PM, Ulrich Hansen <my.gr...@mailbox.org> wrote:
> What do you think of M2WAT? I use it quite often. It is Open Source, written
> by cordata, a FreeDOS user, in a post to this list.

I vaguely remember when he posted it, but I never had urgent need to use it.

> Wouldn’t it be a good candidate for the net section of your repo? I know it 
> is a very small
> utility…


> https://github.com/ulrich-hansen/M2WAT

Two minor nitpicks:

1). The .COM isn't even UPX'd. Bloat!  ;-)
2). The source is named "W2WAT.C", which is confusing.

Otherwise, seems fine. Should these minor issues be fixed first?

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