Send this to freedos mailing lists again. Alredy sent to that has recived and to that refused but that's OK I think to reach
freedos-devel more relevant in this case.

Hello FreeDOS and gNewSense users as well as developers. I'm asking
about your opinion!
Radar display and interface program for Bridge Command via network.
Is it easily done to program a small program that works well in boht
FreeDos and dosbox alike?

I think this is a good idea. Will network interface function well?

Bridge command is a ship simulator. Open Source program. For exempel
Bridge Command 4.7 has a radar mode, that but as a small program.,1073.0.html

Radar interface program to Bridge Command

I'm thinking that a small radar program that connects to Bridge command
is a grate idea. Like the radar mode in Bridge command 4 but as it own

For example such small program run on a computer that runs FreeDos is a
great idea. Please let me explain why:

Like embedded system

mouse or even better trackball for good user interface

control via keyboard

Use computers that are to old to upgrade.

Full screen radar simulation whit out need for expensive equipment

Build your own radar simulation part to a bridge command based simulator

or just use an old computer that

If it runs in FreeDos this type of program will probably run in dosbox
as well

porting easily done just use dosbox on a verity of other systems...

GNU GPL licensed of course!

This is just a start of a presentation of these idea!

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