Hello Eric,

Keyboard layout is working well in virtualbox pc.

But is not working in real machine as specs are given.

We are using linux.cfg boot up from PXE to catch up mac adress with tftpserver.

We were using ms-dos before but after we changed production of our mini 
terminal machines (made a cpu upgrade). They didnt work in msdos we got emm386 
compatibility errors.

So we moved to freedos and now have a keyboard problem but also other keyboard 
layouts are not working too.

Thanks and Best regards.


Gönderen: Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de>
Gönderildi: 8 Eylül 2016 Perşembe 20:41
Kime: freedos-user@lists.sourceforge.net
Konu: Re: [Freedos-user] Urgent FreeDos Keyboard Layout Hardware Help

Hi Salih,

have you checked whether there could be a problem with the
settings of your host operating system and/or virtualbox?

Unfortunately Turkish is not among the layouts built into
the smaller MKEYB driver, otherwise you could try if that
works better than KEYB. Please explain exactly in which
way KEYB "does not work" inside virtualbox. Thank you!

Regards, Eric

PS: You may also want to use DISPLAY and MODE to load a
font optimized for codepage 857, as BIOS default is 437.

> We have a problem with using FreeDos keyboard layaout when we try to
> load any custom keyboard.We can load custom keyboard settings in a
> virtualbox machine without any problems.When we use on a Real
> Hardware Machine  we didn't recieve any code errors but any other
> custom keyboard settings doesnt work.We need to solve this problem
> for our work usage in Freedos urgently. FreeDos keyboard programmer
> or Assembler coder who can solve this problem for us please contact
> with me urgently.

> Solver of this problem will be rewarded with 500$.

> FreeDos Version : 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap [Aug 28 2006 00:29:00] Dos
> Version 7.10 FreeDOS  kernel 2042 (build 2042 OEM:0xfd) [compiled May
> 11 2016]

> Example of Running Code : A:\FREEDOS>keyb.exe TR,857,KEYBRD2.SYS
> FreeDOS KEYB 2.01 - (c) Aitor Santamaria Merino - GNU GPL 2.0
> Keyboard Layout : KEYBRD2.SYS [857] (3)

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