Hi ,

I am sending you the .img file link so you can see and offer us some changes in 
file  so we can try if it works.


Thanks and Best regards.


Gönderen: Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de>
Gönderildi: 10 Eylül 2016 Cumartesi 14:52
Kime: Discussion and general questions about FreeDOS.
Konu: Re: [Freedos-user] Ynt: Urgent FreeDos Keyboard Layout Hardware Help

Hi Salih,

thanks for sharing the 1.44 MB boot floppy image. It is correct that
you cannot send files to the list, but the config & autoexec easily
fits into a mail for the list by cut and paste:


Supports options to manually select things but default should be okay.


If you do not really need EMS 3 support, you should not force EMM386
to provide a page frame. In particular, you should not force it to
use a hardcoded location which may or may not work on a given system.

You could for example try: X=TEST I=TEST NOEMS /VERBOSE



XDMA is rather old. If you do not need it, you can skip it.


You may want to specify the size of the desired ramdisk here?

> !FILES=120

> @echo off
> DISPLAY con=(EGA,857,1)
> mode con codepage prepare=((857) A:\FREEDOS\EGA.CPX)
> mode con codepage select=857
> KEYB.exe tr,857,A:\FREEDOS\keybrd2.sys /id:179

Interesting that you specify a special variant of keyboard.
As mentioned earlier, you may want to use /NOHI for KEYB.


Your software gets started at boot automatically.

Finally, here is a full list of versions of used files. They
seem to be a bit old in general, but it is quite possible that
many files simply had no updates since then, as they already
had reached the desired state.

File sizes & versions root:

   315 fdconfig.sys
 46685 KERNEL.SYS 2042 (build 2042 OEM:0xfd) [compiled May 11 2016]
 66945 COMMAND.COM 0.84-pre2 XMS_Swap [Aug 28 2006 00:29:00]

File sizes & versions freedos:

  233 fdauto.bat
  504 getargs.com reads memdisk command line
  510 hdd.bat textinst / postinst installer caller??
 1024 xmssize.com 2005, checks free XMS
 1456 iniadd.com 2004, edits config
 1530 oscheck.com 2004, checks boot sector type
 2839 nlsfunc.exe 2004, version 0.4, /Y loads optional Y/N tables
 2977 append.exe 2004, appends search path for data files
 3657 DISPLAY.EXE 0.13b, loads custom fonts
 3759 localize.com 2003, shows translateable messages
 4149 choice.exe 2003, version 4.4, lets user make choices
 5861 DOSKEY.COM obsolete, command.com has functionality built-in
 6464 EGA.CPX from CPIDOS, with fonts 437, 850, 858, 852, 853, 857
11446 KEYB.EXE version 2.01
11681 sys.com version 3.6e
13077 KEYBRD4.SYS keyboard definitions
14395 VTUR.COM (your own software)
16254 MODE.COM old 2005 version
17049 USBKEYB.COM version 0.09
29722 KEYBRD2.SYS keyboard definitions
30189 EDIT.HLP compressed help texts
36640 KEYBRD3.SYS keyboard definitions
40332 KEYBOARD.SYS keyboard definitions
49264 srdisk.exe version 2.09 (Marko Kohtala's resizeable ramdisk)
64046 EDIT.EXE (text editor)

File sizes & versions driver:

 1577 eltorito.sys version 1.4
 2423 shsucdhd.exe version 3.01
 2535 xdma.sys old version 3.3
 2882 srdxms.sys version 2.09 (see above)
 3069 devload.com version 3.15
 3745 xcdrom.sys version 2.3
 4595 cdrcache.sys 2004 version
 5612 shsucdx.com version 3.03a (SHCDX33A)
 8058 himem.exe version 3.26, Aug 25 2006
15201 USBUHCI.OVL overlay for usbuhci
16799 emm386.exe version 2.26, Aug 25 2006
20776 USBUHCI.COM version 0.14, apparently 2010
30250 country.sys data file for nlsfunc country specific settings

Maybe the others have additional comments on the used file versions!

Regards, Eric

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