Hi Ralf,

Yes Virtualbox and real machine is exactly loading same without generating any 
errors. In Virtualbox keyboard layout is working. In Real machine its not 

When we check in memory looks like a problem in real machine side.



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On 9/10/2016 1:57 PM, Salih Yuhnis wrote:

Hi Eric,

We will try your config as you specified and return to you if it will solve the 

Again for the problem is no error in loading img file with keyb.exe as it shows 
everything is ok with keyb.exe load same in virtualbox but keyboard layout is 
always bios default 457 in real machine.

Well, one question you have so far avoided to answer is how the actual setup of 
real machine and VirtualBox machine differ. Do you run the VB image on the same 
physical hardware as the FreeDOS image you are booting over PXE?

Also, in another post, you mentioned that keyb.exe "doesn't load"? Have you 
verified that with MEM that it isn't in fact loaded?


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