Thanks, but I can't FreeDOS to supported SATA. UDVD2 didn't work. Also, I 
develop a live cd that for GPLv2+ licensing, I wouldn't close source drivers. I 
using UIDE.SYS for SATA driver, this driver again and this fails error are 
"Disks run the BIOS: 1". Please, I would help for this.

Thanks for replies.

Gönderen: Ercan Ersoy <>
Gönderildi: 21 Eylül 2016 Çarşamba 13:28:19

Hi. I'm a developed FreeDOS live cd. I want to my live cd has native SATA 
support. But my live CD doesn't support. I laboured UIDE.SYS native SATA 
support on my live cd. I can't my live cd supported native SATA. Tested on 
Oracle VirtualBox and real hardware. But UIDE.SYS driver legacy PATA supports 
very well.

I would like help for this. How I can configure CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT?

A part of CONFIG.SYS of my live CD's boot floppy image:


A part of AUTOEXEC.BAT of my live CD's boot floppy image:


Thanks for replies.
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