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> Somewhat related: I was at the LAS GNOME conference last week, and met
> someone who runs FreeDOS almost every day to do his writing. Inspired
> by George R.R. Martin's use of an MS-DOS computer running Wordstar to
> write his 'Game of Thrones' books, this person boots FreeDOS and runs
> a similar word processor to do his writing. He said he finds it helps
> reduce distraction. (GRRM says his DOS computer is only for writing,
> and he has another computer to do email and other Internet stuff.)

I know George and his wife Parris, and first met George in the 70's
when he was just beginning his writing career, and running chess
tournaments for a living.  (He griped back when that he was unlikely
to advance from Expert to Master rating, because he was too busy
running tournaments to compete in them.)

He's not the only SF/F writer I know who is a WordStar fan.  Hugo
winner Robert Sawyer still uses WprdStar 7 for composition, and has
extensive info on his web site on how to run WS 7 under 64 bit
Windows, using the vDOS fork of the open source DOSBox package, which
is specifically intended for running character mode business apps.
SF/Fantasy writer Elizabeth Moon learned on WordStar.  She uses MS
Word these days because editors expect Word documents as submission
drafts, and use Word's Track Changes feature for line edits and
revisions, but she'll boot WordStar when she's having problems with a
book because the familiar environment reduces friction and makes
composition easier.

I have VDE, a WordStar compatible editor, up under Linux using DOSBox,
and on my Android tablet using an Android port of DOSBox.  (I have and
can run WS7, but prefer VDE.)

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