FreeDOS with only those components which mimick parts
of MS DOS will easily fit on 1, 2 or 3 diskettes of
1.44 MB each, depending on whether you want to have
full documentation and translations included. FreeDOS
on CD also includes lots of other free software :-)

> - I have just managed to find a Disney Sound Source on eBay, how 
> compatible is FreeDOS with MS-DOS drivers? I hope it would work on 
> FreeDOS...

There are no real DOS sound DRIVERS on most systems:

Just programs to init the sound hardware and driver
libraries IN games to output sound. Those should work
equally well with ALL variants of DOS :-) Note that
PCI soundcards sometimes have protected mode virtual
drivers which simulate SoundBlaster from the point
of view of your game, while the real hardware uses
for example AC97. Those will need special settings
for our EMM386 style drivers (read docs) and they
will also only work with games with no or at least
only with "tame" compatible DOS extenders.

> - How does "version upgrade" work for FreeDOS? Do I have to overwrite my 
> installation every time, or is there update/upgrade mechanism built it?

We have package managers, so you can replace programs
by newer versions of the programs smoothly, I think.

Cheers, Eric

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