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> How can I add the power of FreeDOS to my DOSBox?
> Well, here you go. Keep all of the flexibility that DOSBox provides. Yet,
> add the power of the FreeDOS Command Shell and other FreeDOS utilities. The
> FreeDOS installer supports DOSBox. Please note, this is not a pure OS
> install. But, a special way the installer handles DOSBox. The FreeDOS kernel
> is not loaded. This allows the host system to interact with the DOSBox
> filesystem and behave more like a normal DOSBox install.

I'll look when I get a moment.

I've already done some of that that on DOSBox here.  The problem is
that DOSBox is intended to allow users to run old DOS games on things
that aren't DOS systems.  It supports various DOS graphics and sound
options, but only enough of a DOS shell to be able to run games from
the command line.  In particular, only a subset of DOS commands are
implemented, and pipes and I/O redirection aren't.

DOSBox here is tweaked with the NANSI.COM ANSI driver, FreeDOS
COMMAND.COM and the 4DOS.COM COMMAND.COM replacement, and an
assortment of other DOS commands and utilities not present in native
DOSBox. The FreeDOS and 4DOS shells implement the pipes and I/O
redirection DOSBox lacks The one bit that can't be implemented is
support for drivers loaded from CONFIG.SYS, because DOSBox doesn't
implement it.  It loads and uses TSRs just fine.

It all works well enough that I have an assortment of old DOS apps
running on my ARM CPU based Android tablet, using an Android port of
DOSBox.  The one I use is Magic DOSBox Free, which gets the nod
because it implements support for passing Ctrl-key combos through to
the underlying app, and a couple of editors that use the WordStar
command set are specific use cases here.

I have DOS and 4DOS batch files in the root of the mounted C: drive
that set things up as desired to run COMMAND or 4DOS when I run

It's nice to see the FreeDOS installer now supporting DOSBox as a platform.

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