Hi everybody,

just a quick mail to wish you a happy new year and
forward some news from Jack - for those who have a
really old PC. Jack made a 2016-12-15 driver update:

One-Time ONLY update of the 5-Mar-2015 drivers provided
from SourceForge IBiblio. Changes are:

  * XMGR/UHDD now do real-mode XMS moves O.K. on an 80386 CPU.

  * UHDD's overlap and binary-search buffer have been deleted.

  * UHDD adds 10-MB and 20-MB cache sizes for smaller systems.

  * UHDD adds a /G switch for older DOS games that require it.

  * The /R switch for RDISK, UHDD and UDVD2 has been improved.

  * The UIDE driver is dropped and shall not be maintained
    nor updated any further. Use UHDD and UDVD2 instead.

The catch is that the drivers are only available
from him on request, not distributed on websites.

Cheers, Eric

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