KERNEL: By default, the C:\KERNEL.SYS is the booted kernel for FreeDOS 1.2. It is 386 version and is the same as the C:\FDOS\BIN\KERNL386.SYS that gets installed during the installation process.
So why doesn't it boot after installing the alternative boot loader? I had to rename and copy the 2 files over to get to that point?!? Is it a bug?

FDIMPLES: When you launch FDIMPLES, it searches for any of the FreeDOS 1.2 install media, repository CD-ROMs and local package directories. If it cannot find any of these package sources, it just continues without them. Any packages that are installed and not included in one of those package sources are grouped together in a ?! Installed? category. This behavior allows the user to browse their installed packages and remove items without bothering to mount their package source media.

In the future, the plan is for FDIMPLES to also be able to pull packages from multiple online repositories. Instead of being limited to a single repository, this would allow for users to connect to other repositories that could even include closed source software.
Okay! That explains the view as I had not attached the iso.

Hope that helps a little,

For sure! Sadly not much information is coming on this mailing list. Are there not much developers on freedos as on kolibri os?
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