to reproduce this FIND problem, I tried to setup a new FD1.2 machine.

what I did:

download FD12LGC.ISO

create a new virtual box machine with 512 MB disk
use FD12LGC.ISO to boot the machine.
boot machine.

'Unfortunately, this method of installation is not supported on this
hardware platform. Please try a different installation method.'

Welcome to the FreeDOS 1.2 operating system.

now what?
a hint to use the other .ISO would have been be helpful

eventually I figured this out, and setup was successful.

some remarks though:

the setup results in



makes virtually never sense. DOS=HIGH,UMB is always the better

what purpose is SHARE supposed to have?
SHARE is useful when the machine is running as a server, or with
windows (or any other multitasking OS).

don't install this.


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