On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM, Jim Hall <jh...@freedos.org> wrote:
>> On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 11:47 AM, Tom Ehlert <t...@drivesnapshot.de> wrote:
>>> to reproduce this FIND problem, I tried to setup a new FD1.2 machine.
>>> what I did:
>>> download FD12LGC.ISO
>>> create a new virtual box machine with 512 MB disk
>>> use FD12LGC.ISO to boot the machine.
>>> boot machine.
>>> 'Unfortunately, this method of installation is not supported on this
>>> hardware platform. Please try a different installation method.'

Just to restate the obvious, this is apparently an incompatibility (or
maybe bug) in VBox.

I don't know why, thus I don't have a direct fix or workaround.

> The Download page tries to make this clear, with this message:
>>>We recommend the CDROM installer for most users. The "standard" CDROM image 
>>>should work on most computers and PC emulators. Older computers may need the 
>>>"legacy" CDROM image instead.<<
> And below that, the page lists several download options, including
> this one that links to FD12CD.iso:
>>>CDROM "standard" installer<<
> So the page has the correct links.
> If that's not clear enough, I have been thinking about tweaking the
> download page to provide the links directly beneath each brief, but I
> haven't mocked up anything for it yet.

You may wish to explicitly say that "Legacy" is not meant for VBox and
"won't work" (yet?).


On a barely-related topic, I wonder if it's wise to make people
download a 400+ MB .iso again when they already have the first one.

The obvious solution would be to use something like XDelta. Latest
(circa 2016) with premade binaries for Win32 is apparently 3.1.0
(although DJGPP has a much older [2002] port of 1.1.2 under
/current/v2apps/ as XDLT112B.ZIP).

N.B. If really desperate, maybe contact uHexen2 (DJGPP) dude, he
half-ported XDelta3 there, I think.

   (206 kb)

A quick try (on Win7 64-bit) shows that it works correctly, and the
"diff" is "only" 940 kb (less than 1 MB).

Would this be worth suggesting to users? It would certainly save download time.

Of course, this only works if the .iso files are kept relatively
similar. If they are meant to diverge (or that becomes unavoidable in
the future), then it's pointless.

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