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> My guess is that the default in FreeDOS is to run slow so games will run 
> correctly.

I don't believe so.  DOS is a single user, single tasking OS.  When
you ran a game, DOS was involved in loading it, but the game then took
over and directly accessed the hardware. DOS itself was out of the
loop. They do under FreeDOS, too, if you boot into FreeDOS..

Open source efforts like DOSBox are virtual machines to provide the
DOS environment the games expect.  The issue that some DOS games have
is that the underlying hardware now is *too* fast, and games that made
implicit assumptions about processor speed misbehave badly and are
unplayable.  DOSBox has ways of dealing with that, by inserting wait
states to slow things down, and programs like TameDOS also exist for
similar purposes.

Something else is going on here.  FreeDOS does not default to running
slow for the benefit of games, and most folks on this list aren't

As Louis Santillan said, post your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files

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