> Am 28.01.2017 um 06:23 schrieb Karen Lewellen <klewel...@shellworld.net>:
> To answer your question for myself, I never have this issue.  No crashes, and 
> i  can spend hours working on line.  Further I have done more than my share 
> of downloads with sftpd386 as well.

> On Fri, 27 Jan 2017, Dan Schmidt wrote:
>> My ssh2dos is very unstable - it usually crashes on exit or after five to
>> ten minutes.  Do you have this issue as well?  I am curious if I should try
>> a different version of DOS.

I made the same experience as Karen: I had SSH2D386 running more or less the 
whole morning while logged into the server. I even ran „top“ for over an hour 
to test the program. No crashes, no sudden exits.

Other experiences:

- As I use FreeDOS 1.2 as guest in VirtualBox, I learned that SSH2DOS does use 
the host’s CPU by 100 percent. I limit the CPU execution cap in the VirtualBox 
settings to 40%, but the fan of my MacBookPro is still running constantly (but 
on a lower level than at 100%).

- After logging into the server, I run the command "export LANG=C“ first. 
Otherwise „graphical“ console programs like midnight commander or 
dpkg-reconfigure will show wrong characters in SSH2DOS.

So far so good. Thanks to you everything is working well now.



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