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> I have updated the pages at:
> http://wiki.freedos.org/wiki/index.php/VirtualBox 
> <http://wiki.freedos.org/wiki/index.php/VirtualBox>
Looks pretty good. :-)

Just one minor note you may wish to add. FDIMPLES is only installed with the 
FULL (+SOURCES) package set. It came kind of late during the development of the 
Installer (FDI). So, I really had not had much feed back on it. But, since 
everybody seems to love it, I think I may be able to talk Jim into including it 
in base for the next release. 

As a side not, FDIMPLES does not actually do the package installs. It uses 
FDINST (part of FDNPKG) to perform that task. Future versions, may or may not 
use it.

Some of the future plans for FDIMPLES include:

        Networking support (through external utilities, like wget and curl)
        Multiple repository support, local media, multiple online sources.
        Package versioning support like the new online repositories.
        Package integrity verification. (Checksum checking and such)
        Multi-language support for buttons and things.
        Mouse support.
        Some other stuff.

Things you may not already know that FDIMPLES already does now.

        Can perform a package update from a REPO CD.
        (Download REPO CD, run “FDIMPLES /UPDATE”, wait to load, then just 
select OK)

        Can permanently modify BASE and FULL package sets on the USB stick 
        (Boot USB stick, quit to command line, run "FDIMPLES /CONFIG”)
        Can save and load package set customizations.  (see in program help “h”)
        (Make changes like normal, press w. It will create a changes only file)


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