On 2/2/2017 1:24 AM, Ulrich Hansen wrote:

> Hmm. You’ve got a point. The thing is: FTPSRV was for some years the 
> fastest way of getting files in and out of the FreeDOS guest. So I 
> considered it something most people would want, also in the „normal“ 
> image without additional networking software.
> Now with the VHD image type, you can mount it in your host OS and 
> drag’n drop files with your Explorer, Nautilus, Finder, whatever. So 
> now in VirtualBox FreeDOS can be used fine without a network.
> So you’re right. But what are you suggesting? Making the FreeDOS1.2 
> image just a pure FreeDOS 1.2 version without any changes?
Let's say that I was surprised to see that you mentioned loading 
networking stuff in the image that wasn't labeled "non-networked". Your 
explanation kind of makes sense, but I think it can also confuse the 
hell out of people, specially when they notice that they end up with 
less free RAM then they anticipated.
Maybe you can have an startup option for it, but not load the networking 
stuff you just mentioned by default. Then it is easier for people that 
don't want it or don't need it. And they still can get that feature if 
they decide otherwise...


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