On 2/3/2017 5:02 AM, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
>>> 2017-02-03 Ralf Quint:
>>>> Well, that works only with VMware, but unfortunately not with
>>>> VirtualBox, AFAIK.
>>> Right.
>> As with drivers for other things, it would still be good to
>> include vmsmount for those who use vmware to run FreeDOS :-)
> Vmware uses vmdk images, my VirtualBox images are VHD. So that’s a 
> whole new story.
I think both can handle a variety of virtual disk files, just haven't 
used VMware in a couple few years now, ever since the they discontinued 
the "VMware player" and now have only some weird "Workstation player" 
that is more restricted. Haven't honestly looked at it again in at least 
two years or so...
> I don’t see much use in including vmsmount on VHD image. And I have no 
> experience with converting everything to VMDK images, how reliable 
> they work with VirtualBox on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac hosts or how they 
> can be mounted from the host OS. So that would require some 
> researching and creating and converting and re-writing.
> At the moment I would prefer a separate image for vmware users.
> @Eric and @Ralf: About the clean FreeDOS 1.2 VirtualBox image:
> I have done it: It is now EXACTLY what you get by installing manually 
> with the FD12CD.iso and accepting everything. No networking. :-)
> See: https://www.lazybrowndog.net/freedos/virtualbox/?page_id=21
Thanks will take a look at it when I get home tonight...


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