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> Bug? Not really.
> Is it correct? Not even close.

Then lets correct it. :-) It’s pretty easy, as I showed in my last mail. 

> Also, #2 should not say EMM386 when it uses JEMM386. 

That’s even easier. :-)

> The current 1.2 config files are based on a clean install of 1.1 into VMware 
> Fusion. Then a some things were added, moved, changed and removed.

Yes, the following line (which skipped all the drivers)

if "%config%“=="4" GOTO END

was left in AUTOEXEC.BAT although the "no drivers“ option was changed to config 
3 in FDCONFIG.SYS. That may have been the root of all evil…

At the moment both options are doing the opposite of what they say they do. 
Instead of loading DOS low with some drivers, option 4 loads DOS high with no 
drivers. Nobody complained about that, so here is another suggestion: 

How about DROPPING option 4 (SOME DRIVERS) completely? Was it ever useful? 
People can always hit F8 for singlestepping...

I suggest to keep the NO DRIVERS option though, which should be exactly that: 
No drivers, no memory managers, DOS not loaded high.

Dropping option 4 and keeping a clean option3 would mean deleting everything 
with a 4 in FDCONFIG.SYS and removing the 3 from the HIMEMX line. And changing 
the line in AUTOEXEC.BAT to 

if "%config%“=="3" GOTO END

If this is too radical, see the suggestion in my last mail...

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