Hi Geneb, about your Borland Pascal 7 Problem in FreeDOS 1.2:

> When I run "bp" which is the protected mode compiler, I get this:
> Unhandled exception 000E at 0020 A19E ErrCode 0002.

Looking at older FreeDOS-user discussions, people suggested
using HDPMI16 or DOS32A, for example in resident mode, to
work around issues with the protected mode enviroment used
by BP (and Jazz Jackrabbit). Another suggestion was to use
the HIMEMX /X2MAX32 option or the JEMMEX MAX=32000 MIN=32000
settings, so this could also be a problem caused by having
more than 16, 32 or 64 MB RAM available and / or visible,
which the old BP may not be used to...

> if I let it boot using the default boot option, bp would 
> fail, but not if I used "option 2".
> Option 1 (the default) is:
> Load FreeDOS with JEMMEX, no EMS (most UMBs), max RAM free
> Option 2 is:
> Load FreeDOS with EMM386 (Expanded Memory) and SHARE loaded.

Well in that case, as things do work with EMM386 but not with
JEMMEX, the obvious solution is to use EMM386 for your PC :-)

Which version of HIMEM do you use in option 2 with EMM386? And
how well does BP work with only HIMEM/HIMEMX, without EMM386/

Note that JEMMEX combines HIMEM and EMM386 into a single DOS
driver, which keeps more RAM free but which is "more exotic".

Cheers, Eric

also mentions UIDE settings as a possible place for RAM tuning.

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