I have tried to install FD 1.2 on a modern (2 year old) non-legacy PC which 
boots the installation CD from a SATA DVD/RW drive.
After COMMAND.COM is loaded the CD/DVD driver UDVD2 is started but after a 
delay it fails to load and asks for the preferred language. Soon after 
selecting the language and then selecting Yes to proceed it displays

Unable to locate the installation packages.
A reboot may help.

This PC is also used to run Linux from another disk which was installed with 
AHCI enabled (which is the BIOS default) for the SATA controller in the BIOS. 
If AHCI is disabled the error message is not displayed and, I presume that, the 
installation will be successful.

There are a few points to note

1. The version of UDVD2 on the FD 1.2 installation CD is from Apr 13 2013 when 
the latest listed is from Mar 5 2015.
At this time I do not know if the later version is an improvement or not.

2. The failure to load could have been caught before getting to copying 
packages from CD.

3. I have created my own bootable CD using FD 1.1 and eltorito.sys can access 
SATA CD/DVD drives with the controller in AHCI mode.

4. Until this problem is resolved it should noted somewhere on the "Install 
Howto - FreeDOS" page about disabling AHCI to allow installation.

5. If the PC requires AHCI to be enabled because Windows 7,8 or 10 was 
installed with it enabled it may need to be re-enabled and another CD driver 
used for FreeDOS.

I will now try to install FD 1.2 again.


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