Annual inform:

This year package FreeRay2016 includes eighteen new 3D objects LGPL with HTML
documentation (seventeen are compatible FreeDOS in POVRay 3.1.).
You can download the new package in
In this link, 
or in
the FreeRay subdomain
Would you like to incorporate this package in some FreeDOS directory?
Indeed, I think are good 3D objects.

I've finished my new release Palitos Iniciales 
(; the FreeDOS v.1.X 
versions are
free probe without time limit (don't have music, joystick yet and mouse is 
poor), other systems only one month for probe. My new game Cometas Iniciales 
isn't finished yet.

I am programming LibreN3D for 3D animations, and some other projects in FreeDOS 
and other systems,
but these three past years they really were standing by. I have a lot of 
complications, so "acceptable videos" will not be availables in 2020 yet. Don't 
worry, just you must have some patience.

Jesus and Marie bless you.

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