Hey everyone,

I would like to run Borland's Turbo C 2.01 (freely available now from [0]) 
under FreeDOS. I can only get the IDE (TC.EXE) to run under MS-DOS (I have 
6.22) which is somewhat disappointing given my goal of using FreeDOS. 

I did some searching regarding this issue and found this thread [1] and after 
attempting to replace the KERNEL.SYS with multiple others, none have fixed the 

Anyways, I would expect FreeDOS 1.2 to come with an updated kernel that could 
do this kind of memory allocation out of the box. Perhaps that's not the issue.

Is anybody else running the Turbo C 2.01 IDE under FreeDOS? I appreciate any 
help towards this end.

[0] http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/20841
[1] http://freedos.10956.n7.nabble.com/HELP-Turbo-C-3-0-won-t-run-td6716.html

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