I needed to verify the integrity of a few files after transferring them 
to/from my 8086 PC the other day. The obvious method for such task is 
computing a checksum of the file, like MD5, SHA1, etc... However, on an 
8086 this may take ages (even on a fairly fast 386, computing the MD5 sum 
of a 2 MiB file takes one minute).

Since I don't like waiting, I created an alternative tool over the 
weekend: bsum.

bsum is a tiny DOS tool that computes the BSD checksum of a file. It's 
very tiny: only 256 bytes (half of which is taken by the help screen), so 
it will easily fit in a single disk sector. A BSD checksum is obviously 
not as strong as MD5 or SHA1, but it's still more than enough for 
verifying whether or not a file got corrupted during a transfer.

bsum is compatible with 8086 and requires only a few kilobytes of memory. 
Also, it's very fast.

Homepage: http://bsum.sourceforge.net


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