What you're wanting is pretty simple, so a full-blown calendar program is 
definitely overkill.  I think I've seen references to programs like what you 
want to do before, but I don't use any of them myself and don't remember the 
names of any of them.  Somebody else may be able to remember or come up with 

If I wanted to do something like this myself, I would probably just do it with 
a batch file and a general-purpose environment-manipulation program like ASET 
or STRINGS (one place you can get these at is 
http://reimagery.com/fsfd/batch1.htm).  These kinds of programs allow you to do 
all kinds of things in batch files with environment variables (set environment 
variables to dates, extract lines from files, do various math functions, etc.). 
 They ultimately allow you to do lots of things with batch files that are 
impossible with just the standard batch file limitations.

Doing this with a batch file will require a little bit of effort on your part, 
but I'm sure you will like the results.

Bret Johnson
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