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> Maybe the people who have produced the mini
> also wrote some software to make it useful.

Sorry, but that's wishful thinking.  The HP mini wasn't issued as a
DOS machine.  FreeDOS was an after the fact addition on the one you
saw, not original equipment.

> I like DOS I hope it moves foreward.

It won't.  What will move it?  What you would like to see will require
time and effort by highly skilled programmers.  The folks who *can* do
what you want expect to be *paid* for their work.  Who will pay them,
and why?  There hasn't been a paying market for DOS and DOS software
for decades.

> Windows is so single PC oriented. I've tried moving
> windows to a twin PC - same everything and it
> somehow knew it was different and didn't
> want to run.

I'm not sure what you mean by "twin PC".  But Windows is licensed to a
single PC.   Want to run it on the second PC?  Get another copy of
Windows with a different license key..

One reason for using Linux is that it doesn't care, and you can
install it from the same distribution media on multiple machines.

> DOS has no such problems. DOS finds its legs and wants to run.

And if what you want to do can be done by DOS, you are fine.
Increasingly, what you might want to do *can't* be done under DOS.
You have a choice of staying put and forgoing the new stuff, or moving
to a different OS.

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