> I find that your MS dos 7.1 has been doing a little better
> than FREEDOS. Jemmex sometimes hangs up.
> Corel made great DOS software. I use their Qpro
> to do my taxes. I fill in the blanks and it calclates my tax.
> cheers
> DS

I too used Borland Quattro Pro for DOS, through v5, to calculate income taxes.

That was the last DOS version.  I don't think Corel did anything with Quattro 
Pro for DOS, but continued Quattro Pro for Windows for some time.

I was able to run Quattro Pro 5 for DOS in DOSBox but felt better with straight 

I used OS/2 Warp 3 and 4 DOS session, DR-DOS 7.03 and later FreeDOS.


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