from Dale Sterner:

> On Ebay I purchased a cd with unreleased Corel dos
> software. There would have been a 5.6 version had it been
> released. Some woman got it from a boyfriend who
> worked for Corel and then sold it on Ebay for about $150.
> I was high bid.

Eric Auer:

Hi Dale,
> is this actually a version of DOS? Or just an
> unreleased intermediate version of wordperfect?
> And of course, what is included? Which license?
> Cheers, Eric

> ps: you forgot to update the subject in your
> freedos-user mail, it still says "wifi on dos"

It seemed strange that a version of Quattro Pro following 5 would be 5.6 as 
opposed to 5.1 or 5.5.

Now I migrate as much as possible to Gnumeric.

In the days of Quattro Pro 5 for DOS, I never heard of wi-fi or BSD checksums.


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