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> dmccunney composed on 2017-04-23 17:52 (UTC-0400):
>> Versions are frequently skipped when software is released.  Remember
>> Dale said this was *unreleased* software.  (I don't recall offhand
>> whether there was an actual Quattro 5.5 release.)
> QPro 5.5 was released by Novell. I still have its manuals, and still keep 5.6
> running 24/7 (in OS/2 in its eComStation incarnation).

Okay, thanks.  That's what I more or less remembered.

Corel acquired the software from Novell.  Novell under Ray Noorda was
on an acquisitions binge, and acquired Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and
other stuff.  They appeared to be trying to compete with Microsoft
across the board, but never really put the pieces together in a
coherent whole.  Noorda got pushed out by the board, and Novell
retreated from the applications market.

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