Thomas Mueller composed on 2017-04-25 02:07 (UTC):

> I ran Quattro Pro through 5 in OS/2 Warp 3 and 4 until that final OS/2 crash
> in the single-digit days of April 2001.

> OS/2 froze, did not dismount cleanly.  On reboot, CHKDSK, run automatically,
> ran amok and trashed my hard-disk data.

OS/2 needed the upgrade to MCP that eCS incorporated, and Dani's 506, DASD and
ATAPI drivers to run on hardware that wasn't perfectly sync'd up to that in the
PC hardware IBM was selling, or even when it did.

> I was never again able to boot OS/2 again even from installation or other
> floppies: trap 000c or 000e.

> OS/2 must have panicked at the state of the hard drive(s), while Linux
> starter floppy booted, and Linux fdisk was runnable.

I never liked the OS/2, Warp or eCS installers, though the CD versions were and
are far less frustrating. I eventually found installation infrequently
necessary. Once the SDD/Snap video drivers arrived, I found migrating a working
disk or a clone thereof from one PC to another to be much easier. I stuck to
always having OS/2 on an F: partition both before and after LVM came on the
scene, only installing to any other letter on a test basis.

> I used DR-DOS 7.03 for some years.

> I can still run Quattro Pro 5 for DOS in FreeDOS, or FreeBSD, NetBSD or Linux
> with DOSBox.

> Now I see how eComStation has greatly fallen behind, and FreeBSD and NetBSD
> now seem to have much better hardware support than eComStation.

> I can even rsync a FreeBSD or NetBSD installation to USB stick and make it
> bootable.  I don't think you can do that with eComStation.
I keep several PCs competent to run the eCS version I use simply by transferring
a HD with eCS on F: into it. I was never able to figure out how to make any of
the non-OS/2 DOS emulators do SVGA text modes, required to produce the 132
column text modes that make QPro so valuable to me.

eCS works much better than DesqView and QEMM ever did with "large" file I/O,
which is truly dismal in any DOS I ever seriously tried. And of course, eCS is
useful for other things. QPro is one of those apps where the better DOS than DOS
objective of OS/2 really shines.

eCS has a replacement "Blue Lion" coming online soon. Final beta was supposed to
happen today or yesterday:
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