Thomas Mueller composed on 2017-04-25 06:56 (UTC):

> Felix Miata composed on 2017-04-24 23:07 (UTC-0400):...
>> OS/2 needed the upgrade to MCP that eCS incorporated, and Dani's 506, DASD
>> and ATAPI drivers to run on hardware that wasn't perfectly sync'd up to
>> that in the PC hardware IBM was selling, or even when it did....
> I went to, but some information was missing, such as GPT
> support and 64-bit support.
It runs on 64-bit CPUs as if on 32. AFAIK, there are no plans for foreseeable
future for a 64-bit kernel.

I have no idea about GPT support. Does any 32-bit OS support GPT?

There are eCS mailing lists for those interested in clues to more of what's
going on.

> I had difficulties with the OS/2 installers.  In the case of Warp 4, an
> Iomega Zip drive showed with two different, consecutive letters, making it
> difficult to find the proper drive letters.

That kind of stuff is what using the Dani drivers usually alleviated.

> DOS and OS/2 FDISK led me to believe, erroneously, that a hard drive could
> have only one primary partition, in addition to logical partitions.

> Linux fdisk taught me better.

I use none of the native partitioners since somewhere around 1999. DFSee, while
not free, avoids potential incompatibilities, since it writes identical tables
and legacy compatible MBR code whether used booted to DOS, OS/2, Windows, Linux
or Mac.
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