All I can contribute to this discussion is that yahoogroups, many of them, 
still exist. I am a member of several getting posts  from them each day.
However, I do not subscribe using either a yahoo or  aol e-mail, and never 
had one from Verizon.
those I know with yahoo e-mails began changing after the last major hack a 
few weeks back.
It is interesting that Verizon is getting out of the e-mail business, since 
such  communications are a part of their sell phones.
While I can imagine they will want to dump yahoo e-mail, the hack was quite 
extensive, I personally feel they may try to save yahoogroups, it is a 
positive working generally well, at least for those not reading on yahoo.
Just my take,

On Tue, 25 Apr 2017, dmccunney wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 5:04 PM, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
>> How busy are those eCS lists on Yahoogroups?
> Note that Verizon has acquired Yahoo and plans to rebrand it.  It
> already owned AOL.  It has informed Verizon email users that Verizon
> will no longer provide email services, and that they should create and
> switch to an AOL account for email.
> I do not expect them to maintain Yahoo email too, and I'll be more
> than a bit surprised if Yahoo Groups still exist after the dust
> settles.
> Note as well that if you post to a list like this from an AOL or Yahoo
> account, it is likely to be classified as spam.  AOL and Yahoo had a
> problem - both had been hacked, there were oodles of AOL and Yahoo
> addresses available for forgery, and it's trivial to change the From:
> header in email. Massive amounts of spam were emanating from forged
> AOL and Yahoo addresses.  To combat the problem, both turned on
> provisions of the DKIP specifications.  One required that all email
> from AOL and Yahoo accounts be digitally signed to prove it was from
> who it claimed to be from. Another required that the email not be
> *changed* in transit.
> This *broke* mailing lists, as the list software must modify the email
> headers as part of what it does.  The changes are noted in the
> modified headers, and what happens next depends on the recipient's
> email server.  Some simply discard the list mail undelivered as spam.
> Others accept delivery, but mark it spam, and it doesn't appear in the
> recipient's Inbox.  (GMail does that. Gregg Eshelman posts from a
> Yahoo account, and every one of his messages to the FreeDOS list gets
> labeled spam here and must be reclassified.)
> Folks complained, and AOL and Yahoo's response was essentially "Don't
> use mailing lists.  Use web forums like we provide."
> If you post from an AOL or Yahoo address, you have three choices:
> Don't participate in mailing lists
> Participate, but be aware not everyone may see your posts
> Find a different email provider
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