> If your BIOS or UEFI recognizes USB mass storage, then FreeDOS should 
> recognize
> it if it is in place at boot time.
> I don't think FreeDOS can recognize a USB stick inserted after FreeDOS boots
> and is active, but I could be wrong in the case of USBDOS.
> FAT16 is very inefficient regarding cluster size, so on a USB stick, even if
> only 1 GB, you do better with FAT32.
> With FAT16, if file system is between 1 GB and 2 GB, cluster size is 32 KB,
> meaning this is the amount of space taken by a very small file.
> One way you can test diskspace use is to see (with DIR) how much space you
> have, and then run something like
> ECHO ababcdcdefefgg > JUNK1.TXT
> and then run DIR and see how much diskspace you have after that.
> Tom
Before boot, I insert my mass storage to VirtualBox USB inferance. But, 
FreeDOS doesn't mount the mass storage with USBDOS. USBUHCI.COM doesn't 
recognize the mass storage.

I tried USBASPI.SYS on FreeDOS again. But, USBASPI.SYS doesn't work.

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