From: Eric Auer <>

Hi Dimitris,

> Based on Eric's comments and with Jack's help, I was able to get rawrite3
> to work under freedos by a) loading lowdma.sys in fdconfig.sys early
> during boot b) LH rawrite3.

You probably mean the LOWDMA sys and com which come with UMBPCI. In that
case, you can patch 80FCA05B into 80F0105B to trap not only I/O buffers
in UMB or HMA but all buffers. Will make things slow but still useful as
you will not need to use LH that way. Your disk image writing tools are
probably 1.44 MB in size because they embed the whole floppy image, but
they do not have to have 1.44 MB free DOS memory, luckily ;-) Note that
LOWDMA only traps CHS I/O and not LBA I/O, but LBA is rarely used by a
floppy image writer anyway.

Cheers, Eric

PS: Lowdma also comes with source code, so if you have the Assembler,
you can of course also patch the source (comparison to 0xA0, not the
one while loading but the one in the int handler) if you prefer that.

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