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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 5:53 AM, Eric Auer <> wrote:
> Note that for live CD, you can also often use the tiny
> ELTORITO driver because after booting from CD, you get
> temporary BIOS support for easy CD access.
> I could not find a nice link for ELTORITO.SYS, but check
> as that may have useful information...? Original site for
> the driver was which is gone.
> PS: Rugxulo, Jim, please make eltorito.sys easier to find! (from iBiblio above) does have eltorito.sys (and
*.asm for NASM), 1554 bytes, calling itself version "1.5".

Is that what you meant? So you want someone to put a README telling
people that it contains "eltorito.sys"? By itself that's not much
help, is it?

Quoting the SysLinux wiki:

MEMDISK and generic El Torito CD-ROM driver for DOS
If you're using MEMDISK to boot DOS from a CD-ROM (using ISOLINUX),
you might find the generic El Torito CD-ROM driver (eltorito.sys) by
Gary Tong and Bart Lagerweij useful. It is now included with the
Syslinux distribution, in the dosutil directory. See the file
dosutil/eltorito.txt for more information.

Example usage of eltorito.sys in CONFIG.SYS:

device=eltorito.sys /X:MSCD0001

Corresponding MSCDEX command which can be placed in AUTOEXEC.BAT:


Where X is the drive letter.

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