From: Eric Auer <>

Hi Salih,

> Keyboard layout is working well in virtualbox pc.
> But is not working in real machine as specs are given.

Oh okay misunderstanding on my side...

> We are using linux.cfg boot up from PXE to catch up mac adress with

If you boot from PXE, then you probably use a bootable
memdisk ramdisk for the booting of DOS on hardware which
has no SSD or harddisk? Then there might be a problem
in memory layout which interferes with your attempt to
load the keyboard driver. However, I assume you use the
same method in virtualbox, too, without problems? Maybe
different PXE support between real and virtual BIOS?

> We were using ms-dos before but after we changed production
> of our mini terminal machines (made a cpu upgrade). They
> didnt work in msdos we got emm386 compatibility errors.

Not sure if this is an option for you, but you may want to
try a number of memory driver alternatives here. In general
BIOS support for DOS is getting worse in modern PC, so the
UMB memory areas could collide with other functionality on
the computer without EMM386, JEMM386 or JEMMEX being able
to detect the problem if the BIOS fails to specify areas.

So you may want to give configurations without EMS / UMB a
try: Load only HIMEMX or similar XMS / HMA only drivers and
skip the EMS / UMB drivers. Also, carefully check the manual
of the used HIMEM- and/or EMM386-style drivers for special
compatibility options worth testing on problematic hardware.

> So we moved to freedos and now have a keyboard problem but also
> other keyboard layouts are not working too.

That sounds like a general problem in loading KEYB. Try for
example the /NOHI option of KEYB to fully load the driver
into low memory, in case high memory has issues on your new
mini terminal hardware.

Regards, Eric

PS: If you have memory area problems on the new hardware or
BIOS of the new hardware, of course the KEYB driver will not
be the only part which can experience problems. So try to
make sure that both keyb AND memory drivers are really okay.

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