From: Dallas Cox <>

Hello.  My name is Dallas, a 15 year old Operating System enthusiast.  I have
been using FreeDOS occasionally since 2014.  Since I couldn't find an email
address to submit questions to, I'll assume it's okay to send then to this

First of all, I have an IBM ThinkCentre from 2005.  It runs Windows XP, and I
am planning on splitting my partition to allow 2 GB for FreeDOS.  I have a 40
GB Maxtor 6N040T0, a Pentium 4 2.8 GHZ processor, 1 GB of DDR RAM 400mhz, a
generic integrated Intel AC'97 Audio Controller, and an Intel 82865G Graphics

So here is my question.  Is it possible to run Windows 3.1 with sound and
displaying at least 640x480x256, preferably 1024x768x256?  I am not worried
about the internet connection, I just need to get these two things to work.  I
have been able to run Windows 3.1 successfully in FreeDOS 1.1, but with no
sound and at only 640x480x16.  If it won't work in FreeDOS 1.1, is there a
chance it will work in FreeDOS 1.2?  If all fails, I am planning on buying old
parts to build a retro computer, but it would still be nice if this would work.

Thank you.

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