From: "Jan van Wijk" <>

Hi Eddie,

On Sun, 11 Dec 2016 12:35:53 -0500 Eddie Anderson wrote:
>>          Run chkdsk: Bad FAT I/O: 0x00000001
>> The message is repeated at least a dozen times, then the sector/block
>> is incremented and another bunch or errors is repeated.
>Thanks for your detailed description of this problem, its cause, and
>some circumventions. I have stored it for future reference.

You're welcome!

>I don't remember if I have encountered this particular problem; but
>I have had to patch boot sectors after using mkdosfs (due to missing
>boot code) or incompatible BPBs when repairing or constructing image
>Sorry for my delayed response.  Because of the way sourceforge
>handles digests, I didn't receive the digest containing your post
>until more than two weeks after you sent it.

No problem.

I don't use FreeDOS that often anymore, but quite a few
customers using my disktool 'DFSee' do, as a free OS
on a bootable CD or USB-stick ...

Regards, JvW

Jan van Wijk, author of DFSee;

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