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On Sat, Dec 17, 2016 at 2:55 PM, Mingcong Bai <> wrote:
> I happen to have a ThinkPad 340 kicking around:
> - Intel 486SLC2 25/50MHz
> - 12MB RAM
> - 3.5 inch 1.44MB Floppy Drive
> But FreeDOS seemed to have CD installation only... Is it possible to
> install FreeDOS with a set of floppy disks still? If not, what are my
> options?

You mean that old bunch of like 88 floppy images for full FD 1.0?? Uh,
no, that hasn't been attempted this time, probably overkill.

FreeDOS is just a simple DOS, so bare minimum installation from floppy
is easy (fdisk, fdapm warmboot, format, sys, xcopy). Of course that
won't give you all third party software or even a full FD "BASE", but
it will boot up (giving you at least a kernel, shell, and
partition/MBR/boot sector). You can piecemeal add whatever you want.
Truly, you don't always absolutely need all the extras (networking,
games, archivers, development).

Do you have a working packet driver for networking for that machine?
(My own MetaDOS floppy heavily relies on that, but it works fine under
VBox or QEMU. So you can download there first and rawrite to physical
disk later.) If so, that would make things a lot easier. IIRC, one way
to halfway tell what card was "pcisleep q02" (or maybe NSSI or similar

Most other floppy image files are very old and abandoned. If you just
need "whatever", I could point you to various ones, like I did on the
bug tracker:


But FD 1.2 RC2 has a bootable floppy installer (thanks to Jerome):

And Mateusz recently made his own Svarog86 floppy images:

Or if you could copy the .iso to the hard drive (via another
computer), then you could then mount it via SHSUCDHD (I think).

> Oh also, I am a native Simplified Chinese user/speaker, there doesn't
> seem to be any translation for CJKV (Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
> Vietnamese) locales yet - is it not supported or just no one had gone in
> and translate FreeDOS to these particular languages?

Not sure exactly, you'd have to ask Henrique, the resident codepage
expert (or maybe Wengier Wu on BTTR). Most of here don't grok such CJK
languages, and IIRC there is no (fully working?) support for DBCS
(unlike MS-DOS).

IIRC, the typical DOS codepage doesn't hold many glyphs, so it's too
small for most non-European (non-Roman alphabet) languages (but maybe
some Cyrillic support). There are some minor workarounds (maybe), but
most of us aren't qualified to test them.

As far as Chinese (viewing only?), take a look here:

Or Foxtype (viewing only):

We did have a (theoretical only, albeit with a few third-party links)
discussion a few years ago about Japanese support (freedos-user, date:
Nov. 8, 2013, subject: "FreeDOS/V"):

In other words, such CJK languages probably need their own TSRs or
tools in order to use graphics mode (instead of limited text mode).
There is however no active support (AFAIK) in FreeDOS for any CJK.

You can still write Unicode stuff with various DOS ports, e.g. Mined
or GNU Emacs or Blocek (gfx). It's not universal DOS system support by
any means, but it's far better than nothing.

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