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>> > The bloat increase is just incredible :-D and sure RAM and CPU
>> > consumption grows too
>> One man's bloat is another's feature. I've been running Mozilla code
>> since it was still an internal Netscape
> COOL ... at that time they refused to add support for MNG as it

You mean ?

> would add 10 KiO of bloat ...

More to the point, who *needed* it?

MNG is PNG with support for animation.  PNG was created to be a
graphics format unencumbered by patents.

The GIF format used LZW compression.  Terry Welch, the W in LZW,
worked for Sperry when he wrote the paper that described a version of
the Lev-Zempel compression algorithm that was simpler and easier to
implement in software. Because he worked for Sperry, they owned the
rights to his work.  Compuserve introduced the GIF format in 1987, and
used LZW as the compression algorithm.  Meanwhile, Burroughs bought
Sperry and became Unisys.  In 1994, someone at Unisys realized they
owned a patent on the compression used in GIF files and that began
going after Compuserve and other sites that used GIF for graphics to
get compensation.

PNG grew out of that mess, as developers recognized a need for a
graphics format unencumbered by patent.  But the PNG developers didn't
care for the MNG format - they thought overloading PNG to also do
animation was bad design, and something different should be done..The
whole question became moot b y 2004 when the relevant Unisys patents
had all expired expired.

I don't recall ever seeing an MNG file, and if I were Mozilla, I
wouldn't bother to add support for something no one actually used,
even if it produced *no* bloat.

> now we have 50 MiO bloat of the
> browser + 20 MiO bloat of Flu$h instead :-D

You can not install or uninstall Adobe Flash.  If you never do
anything that needs Flash, you'll never miss it.  Most folks *do*
stuff that needs Flash and that's not an option.

What sort of other stuff might you *omit* from Mozilla code to trim
bloat?  What do you consider bloat?

>> The big step towards that came from Cisco.  The defacto standard
>> encoding for video these days is H_264, but it's a proprietary spec
> There used to be a draft back in 2007 recommending Theora
> for coming HTML5 ... but it was trashed after pressure of some
> companies (Adobe, Banana/Apple, ...) ... and now 9 years later
> we have 10 times more bloated browsers and still no usable
> standard, and most video pages still rudely cry for Flu$h.

H_264 got the nod because it provides better compression, and video
takes bandwidth.  Google was looking at Theora as an alternative when
they decided to make Chrome fully open source.  Cisco's purchase of a
license that allowed them to offer an open source reference
implementation removed the need to do that.

We *have* a usable spec, and it's being implemented.  (There's a lot
more to HTML5 than the new <video> keyword, and not all of it is fully
defined yet, but folks are implementing the parts that are as they

I don't think "most" video pages rudely cry for flash, and video isn't
the only reason Flash is deployed.  Folks are  moving away from it as
fast as they can.  But getting rid of Flash is a complex exercise.
Adobe has a beta tool to help migrate extant Flash code to HTML5, but
it's not a simple or easy process, and doing it takes time and costs
money.  Got a site where you would really like to see Flash go away in
favor of HTML5?  Are *you* willing to pay what it will cost them to do
it?  I didn't think so.  Expect them to spend the money just to make
*you* happy?  I *hope* you don't think so.

>> You are *not* representative of the mass user base
> well :-D

>> and what works for you will not work for 99% of the rest of the world
> You are wrong. The Internet used more or less to work for 99% of the
> world ... the problem is that those 99% love to throw away something
> that works (proverb: "change the winning team ASAP") for no reason.

The Internet more or less worked for 99% of the world using the stuff
you advocate *20 years ago*.

Since you seem to have missed the fact, I'll be a good guy and clue
you in.  That was *then*.  This is *now*. What worked 20 years ago
*won't* work now.  The world has changed and we have to change with
it.  Standing still is *not* an option.

You might not like a lot of the changes needed, but you're stuck with
them.  The world is bigger than you are and doesn't *care* what *you*

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