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> On 21 July Eric Auer said:
> indeed I am trying to motivate people to use TLS/SSL

This (and without HeartBleed's, MD5-certificates, crippled 40-bit keys,...)
definitely makes sense when hunting around big bucks or sensitive
personal data ... however obligatory HTTPS for things like BUGzilla's
and user or developer forums isn't that sane.

> I don't recall ever seeing an MNG file, and if I were Mozilla, I
> wouldn't bother to add support for something no one actually
> used, even if it produced *no* bloat.

10 + 5 = 2 ;-)

> More to the point, who *needed* it?

- people using AGIF and being happy with it
- people using AGIF but being concerned about its technical issues
(256 colors etc)
- people using AGIF but being concerned about its legal issues
- people using Flu$h for animations and being happy with it
- people using Flu$h for animations but being concerned about its
technical issues (bugged Plugin)
- people using Flu$h for animations but being concerned about its legal issues
- people who would like to use animations on the Internet but couldn't
since both AGIF and Flu$h sucked

> What sort of other stuff might you *omit* from Mozilla code to
> trim bloat?  What do you consider bloat?

Maybe cca 80% of stuff added during recent 4 years.

> H_264 got the nod because it provides better compression, and
> video takes bandwidth. Google

But the very same Google notoriously tries to prevent people from
downloading movies from its Loo-Tube. 10 times viewed -> 10 times wasted
bandwidth. Now let's assert than bandwidth is an issue. :-D

> was looking at Theora as an alternative when they decided to make Chrome

Please point me to the full test report with test materials.

> We *have* a usable spec, and it's being implemented.

We have a codec with legal problems ... when the legal problems expire
one day the codec will be deprecated ... maybe H265 or H266 will be "in"
and guess what ... have new legal problems.

> There's a lot more to HTML5 than the new <video> keyword

The new <video> keyword (together with Theora+Vorbis codecs)
was the useful part of HTML5.

> I don't think "most" video pages rudely cry for flash
> Got a site where you would really like to see Flash go away in favor of

> Download Flash Player now
>You need to install Flash Player to play this content.

> and video isn't the only reason Flash is deployed.

The other one were animations, see above about MNG.

> Folks are moving away from it as fast as they can.

sure :-D

> But getting rid of Flash is a complex exercise.
> Are *you* willing to pay what it will cost

Definitely NO. Why? Becasue it does NOT need 1000's of
hours of work done by 1000's of state-of-the-art programmers.

Instead of the malware link ""; they
could just provide the download link for the movie, or embed it
using the simple HTML5 style. This would cost actually nothing.

> Since you seem to have missed the fact


> I'll be a good guy


> What worked 20 years ago *won't* work now.

Because of "good guy" 's like you notoriously deliberately break things.

> world is bigger than you are and doesn't *care* what *you* think

Why the hell have *you* subscribed to the *FreeDOS* list?

BTW, FireFox now includes an excellent PDF viewer. It's only
cca 100 times slower than MUPDF. ;-)

One more bad news for you:

> FF 1-4 do *not* support current standards, and are likely to fail
> in odd ways if you try to use them now


with FireFox 48

then check with Links 2.13. Oops, you can't since you don't
have DOS ? Then check the shot I made for you:

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