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On Tue, 09 Aug 2016 13:57:35 -0400, Dimitris Zilaskos
<> wrote:

> The issue I am facing now is that the mechanical drives I connected to
> the
> secondary IDE channel of my Vesa Local Bus controller are not detected.
> Windows 98 SE bootdisk does not detect them either, The BIOS of my system
> only supports 2 hard drives.

IIRC, if your motherboard BIOS only supports two drives, you could use a
controller card with its own onboard ROM for additional drives to be
recognized under DOS (or Win9x). Depending on what chipset the card uses,
there might also be a driver which can enable the second channel.

Not sure if the various DMA DOS drivers would detect and add drives on the
second channel (in fact, I don't know if they work on ISA/VL IDE
controllers or if PCI is required)

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