From: Kai Schaetzl <>

I've been trying for the last two hours or so to find out how to use a
German keyboard with FreeDOS. There is enough information, but some of the
files cannot be downloaded anywhere. I'm running in circles. Or I'm
missing something obvious.

What I found out: I have to use keyb with a command line GR,,GR GR.KL /E
at runtime. And you need the corresponding .KL file. Fine.
Information from: (German)
This page also says one can download the KL files from the links below on
that page.
Unfortunately, you can't. So, getting at the .KL files is a dead end.

Another page says that the .KL files are part of the KPDOS package. Which
is available. There are two packages (kp301s and kp301x), but no word
which explains what they contain. The s package contains the .key files
and the x package four keyboard.sys files. No idea what the difference is,
it's explained nowhere. Anyway, the s package contains the key files and
another page explains that you can use kc to compile the key file to a KL
file. Don't know if you need anything else for that. But: you cannot get
the kc package anywhere. Either there are no download links or it points
back to

Yet another page mentions cpidos. But that contains only some ega.sys
files and I'm not sure what they are for. Video driver?

This is frustrating. Where can I get this kc package or the KL files?

Or, if there is an easier way, how can I use a German keyboard layout with
FreeDOS? I'm using FreeDOS 1.0/1.1.


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