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On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Kai Schaetzl <> wrote:
> But I have the same problem with it. Adding "keyb gr" to autoexec.bat does
> not run it. It seems autoexec.bat isn't executed at all. Shouldn't it run
> automatically once DOS is loaded?

Normally (but not always) it is called "autoexec.bat", which is called
from the shell from within "config.sys".

IIRC, some DOSes have different names (sometimes for dual booting,
e.g. DR-DOS: dconfig.sys, autodos7.bat).

For FreeDOS, "fdconfig.sys" is read before "config.sys". And in that
you can specify a different name for the .BAT, e.g. see below for what
I personally use (non-standard!):


You can also technically change the "kernel.sys" file name and use a
switch of SYS to boot a different name, but that's quite obscure.
Sure, normally it's okay to do whatever if you're running a single DOS
alone, but sometimes you want to have multiple paths of execution
(e.g. "BOOT" / MetaKern).

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